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black friday deal


The cyber scavenger went so well! But I didn't anticipate all the coupons being found the first day..I really thought there would be some fun left for Black Friday. Soo..for all of those who searched so diligently, here's a sale that's a little less work. I have a certain number of Hodge Podge Gift Certificates up for grabs at 50% OFF! That's right, you get double what you pay for! You can purchase up to an $800 certificate..that's $400 FREE! After those have all been redeemed, I will be offering 20% OFF.
Please scroll down to see's a few lovely images from earlier this year to peek at on your way down :)
Okay, here's the details:
Purchase must be $200 or more ($400+ gift certificates)
Certificates can be used on any 2015 Session excluding {SIMPLICITIES}, MINIs or Weddings
One Certificate can be used per session.
Not valid with any other offer or promo.

Click the link below to the Black Friday Gallery.
Click the drop down arrow.
Click on the Gift Certificate Image.
Click the cart icon at the top of the image (Buy Photo)
Click the + to add the GIFT CERTIFICATE amount of your choosing ($400-$800)
Click the 'view cart' box, double check it's the amount that you want and continue to checkout!

Under add a note, please enter the name of the recipient if other than for yourself.

Here's the discount don't miss enter coupon code.
Use coupon code 'antlers50' to receive 50% off (once all these codes have been used, they are gone, so git'r'done)
Once the 50% off code has expired, I am offering 20% off! Use coupon code 'arrows20' Once these are gone, they're gone!

Please choose FREE BLACK FRIDAY SHIPPING so that you will not be charged my normal rate of shipping.


Happy Friday!


Katie said...

I love you Amy :)

Missy volcko said...


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

You're the best!

Misty Crawford said...

Unique, beautiful, amazing photography! Love my Amy!❤️

Timeforchange said...

I have never been disappointed with a photo session with Amy! Always unique and original! :)Love the Hodge!

GW said...

Na uh, Katie, i woof her more ;)