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What is hodgepodgEOS?!


So here's the scoop on hodgepodgEOS. The name Hodge Podge derived from the fact that my business is, design, decor, floral design, etc. And over the past few years, I've added essential oils (EOS) to that list. So, it's all still me, Amy Hodges, creator of all things Hodge Podge. I've just added the EOS to the end to signify that specific posts are related to the essential oil part of my business. I realize that not all of my photography followers are essential oil users....yet ;) And probably not all of my Young Living organization are Hodge Podge photography fans, but to simplify my life I have merged it all together. After all it is all me..a hodge podge of sorts, which really is my brand.

I am a Silver in Young Living and many of you are a part of my organization. Lucky for both of us, right!? I am also a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist. I hope that through my blog and instagram account you can learn a few things about oils and maybe feel like you know who I am. I'd love to get to know each of you personally, so follow me, email me, feel free to ask questions whenever you need help. And in the meantime, enjoy some purdy pics :)
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A few quick snaps...


Katie asked me to help her with a few things at her wedding. Designing her bouquets, coordinating, draping fabric, helping with the decorating, etc. etc. And, of course, I obliged. But I couldn't do all of those things and be the photographer. So while I wasn't her official wedding photographer, I did manage to snap a few quick shots.
My gorgeous sister was one of the bridesmaids. After the wedding was over and most of the guests were starting to leave, I finally had a spare moment to get my camera out of the bag.
Venue: 425 Downtown
Floral Design: Hodge Podge
Bride & Groom: Katie and Spencer Garretson

spring simplicities sessions


Think shabby chic, abandoned building. Creams, neutrals and pastels will work perfectly for these sessions.  A spring like vibe, with my signature Hodge Podge vintage/rustic feel.  A few weeks ago I announced March 12th as a date to pencil in if you were interested in a {Simplicities} Session. Since then, I have decided to offer slots on March 11th as well. Here's how it will work: March 11th slots will be shot in Bolivar. March 12th slots will be in Tunas (just a short drive from my home in Preston) Take advantage of the {Simplicity}, as of now I do not plan to offer them again this year. Here's the details..

~ 30 minute session shot at designated locations mentioned above.  Keep in mind, there is no temperature control, but we will be under roof, so rain shouldn't hinder us.
~ no clothing changes
~ up to 5 people (please contact me regarding larger groups)
~ images will be available before Easter!
~ cost is $200, which is due at booking
YOU GET: 12-15 edited hi resolution images with copyright permissions, downloadable from your online gallery
YOU ALSO GET: 50% OFF any MOUNTED PRINTS 11x14 and larger (orders must be placed via online gallery before March 30th)

OPEN SLOTS (email me at to book):
FRIDAY MARCH 11, BOLIVAR (abandoned house)

SATURDAY MARCH 12, TUNAS (abandoned church building)

vintage simple birthday


My oldest asked for a vintage themed birthday. That I can do! I don't go all out on birthdays..I try to make them as simple as possible while still making my kiddos feel special. We have dinner and cake with family and friends. I usually make their cake (which, sometimes isn't simple for me), and I decorate the table. That's it! I always love the way tiny details make things special. Here's some shots of the details...
The cake lace is edible..and a big pain lol. I bought the mix and the silicone mold at Hobby Lobby. I think the key to simplicity would either be use non edible lace or have a large mold that you could make several lace pieces at a time. The plan was to have more lace, but simplicity took precedence here.
Filigree cupcake wrappers: Amazon
Gold embellished plates: Hobby Lobby
Paper flowers: Hobby Lobby
Everything else, including the lace and doilies was just something I had laying around the house and in the studio.
Grandma always seems to show up at birthday parties..we miss her dearly, but I'm happy to have any little reminders of her. The pink dish was hers <3

h o d g e p o d g e o s: laundry detergent


As most of you know, I am an oiler: essential oils that is. In some of my research I have learned what horrible chemicals are in the items we use on a daily basis, including our laundry detergents. For the past year or so I have slowly been eliminating these chemicals from our home. We no longer use regular detergents, cosmetics, cleaners, shampoos, toothpastes... Yes! Toothpaste. Did you know that our shampoo and toothpaste could very likely be causing health issues!?
So, here is the recipe we use for laundry detergent. It's pretty simple and makes a 5 gallon bucket and costs approximately 10-12 CENTS PER LOAD!

1.5 cups super washing soda
3 cups baking soda
1.5 cups liquid castile soap
1/2 cup Thieves Household Cleaner
5 gallons water
In a 5 gallon bucket, add enough hot water to dissolve sodas. Then add the remaining ingredients and then the remaining water. Let sit over night. Shake well before each load.
Use 1/2 cup per load

I purchased a cheap water dispenser from Wal-Farts :) that works great to dispense without a mess. As soon as I switched from regular detergent, even my hubby noticed a difference in how clean our clothes were coming out in the wash.
A few tips:
Thieves Household Cleaner can be purchased through a wholesale account with Young Living. Email me at if you need help or click here: Young Living Signup
Castile Soap can be found at Target or Walgreens, usually in the make-up/cosmetic department. The blue bottle labeled baby is the non-scented option that I choose.
Super Washing Soda is usually in the detergent isle on the bottom shelf.

remember morgan?!


Finally posting some of my favorites from Morgan's senior sessions. These images are from two of the three sessions she had. You can view her first session on the Meet Morgan blog post. She is such a sweetheart and my husband and I have grown to love her entire family. We had such a great time on our mission to create images that were unique. I think we succeeded! And we definitely got a Hodge Podge assortment of looks and locations. Check it out!
While you're here, I might mention..if you have a 2017 Senior that's planning to have their session this year, get to booking! (or any other session for that matter) My schedule is already filling up and dates are very limited. You can read more here on the website about pricing, etc.