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Just a couple of days before Christmas, I had an opportunity. An opportunity unlike any other. For several years I have wanted to photograph a birth, but the opportunity just had not made itself known. I didn't ever necessarily have a professional goal to add this to my 'portfolio'. I've just always been (or at least since the birth of my own children) drawn to the desire to at least get to experience this from behind the lens.
The birth of my first child was.....well, I'm not sure how to describe it without going into great detail. It was significant and left more than just the physical scars on my body. Beneath the euphoria of having such a huge blessing added to our family, it also left a mar of grief on my soul.
I had no idea the impact that this opportunity could or would have on those scars. It was moving. It was a blessing. It was healing. It was the balm that my wounds had been craving. And for that I will always be grateful. Thank you Garrett and Jennifer for letting me be a part of your blessing.

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Plunkett said...

Breathtaking. I have chills!