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hodges hedgehog birthday brag


So, I will soon be blogging about much more than just my client images. It was in my plans over a year ago when I redesigned my site. As you may have noticed, this is the first non-client post ever :) The 'bragging' part of the title is not bragging on my mess of a cake, but bragging on my Quincy. She specifically requested chocolate cake (which I never make for birthdays) because her Aunt Savannah doesn't like white cake. This request made my heart just a little mushy. Then, while opening gifts, Q let the littles open her gifts for her = more mush!
At least 3 times a year (once for each child's birthday) I bake and decorate a cake. As you can see, I am no professional, but I enjoy making them for the kids. It doesn't take much to impress or satisfy them when it comes to cake. Quincy requested hedgehogs, so we ended up with a woodland theme.
Hedgehogs: doughnut holes with sprinkles and mini chocolate chips for the eyes and nose.
Edible Acorns: mini Nutter Butters, Hershey Kisses and mini chocolate chips
Banner: Target dollar shop, then I added the felt leaves from another banner also purchased from Target
Mini Sparkly Banner: Hobby Lobby
Wood design plates: Target
Leaf napkins: Target
Non-edible mushrooms: Hobby Lobby
Wood stump Cake stands: cut by my dad and step-dad :)

This image is of the apron that my Grandma Jean made for me. It hangs in my kitchen as a remembrance of her. As I was taking some shots of the cake I turned and noticed how it played well with the colors and textures of the party. Made me smile :)

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