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to everything there is a season


I have paused for reflection over the past several months regarding the relationships and friendships in my life - And the fact that many of those who consider themselves my friends, aren't truly friends at all. This fact has made itself very evident recently. And life has some way of weeding itself, leaving only the cream of the crop behind - and I'm okay with this. To everything there is a season...and when it is time for a new season, I hope to be able to acknowledge it and embrace it.
These thoughts are easily pondered when making the very long Christmas card list . . . So, I thought I'd share what I accomplished today! 'Tis a new season: Christmas!
*Cards are designed, printed, addressed, sealed and ready to mail (Though I will wait until after Thanksgiving to do so :)
*Christmas tree went up the first day of deer season (a new tradition, that we now spend with some of that cream that I mentioned before)
*All Christmas shopping is complete (minus one tiny detail needed from Hobby Lobby...when will Osage Beach get one of those, btw?!)
*Minus the gifts that are set to arrive via mail, everything is wrapped and under the snowy tree!
*And our Christmas website has been up and running for a few days now. Go take a peek!
Woo Hoo!! I can now focus on a big project that is on my plate (hope to share with you soon).
Every year I try to make our cards a little different than the year before. But after several years, it's hard not to repeat the same type of card. This year I'm super excited about these pop out cards. It's a flat card that is die-cut. My recipients can pop them out, add a string or ribbon and have an ornament to hang on their tree :) And of course, coordinating address labels. Thank you to Amanda Hyde of Sugar Snap Images for the images of our family that I used to design the cards. And a shout out to my friend Michelle of MichLgStudios for some of the digital art that I used.
Some of my favorite Christmas tree decor: I cut snowflakes out of vintage hymnal pages. Did you know there's a special way to fold your paper to make the prettiest, most detailed paper snowflakes? Here's a link to a youtube video:
When I was growing up, my Anne (my stepmom) would buy me an ornament and then when I moved from home, I got to take them with me and decorate my own Christmas tree. I have tried to continue this tradition with my kids. I specifically like to get photo ornaments. This year I ordered these wooden photo ornaments from PhotoBarn. They come in all kinds of shapes, and your choice of ribbon or jute. They are on sale for just $9. (btw, I never buy anything from them unless it's on sale)

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