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h o d g e p o d g e o s : work it out


Those of you who follow me on Instagram (follow me here), know that I recently started back on my active routine. I won't get into all the details on this post of why I had to give my body a break, but it's been months since I have been active. Our December weather has been so abnormally gorgeous, I decided to do some interval training on my normal 5K route. I didn't quite finish the 5K, but it was a pretty good workout considering my sedentary months. Within a couple of hours of finishing, I was already beginning to feel the affects: from my waist down. So I used my Young Living Ortho Sport Massage Oil with the addition of a little PanAway oil. The discomfort disappeared within a few minutes and I had no soreness the following days after my workout or subsequent workouts. This stuff is amazing! I have used Young Living's Ortho Ease Massage Oil, but this is a stronger version, with higher phenol content. Without getting too nerdy, phenols are a very important category of therapeutically active molecules in essential oils. They play key roles in cleansing, stimulating, toning, and fighting off the bad guys in our bodies. They cleanse our receptor sites. You can read more about this in David Stewart's book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Easy.

This is the first post in a new series that I am calling hodgepodgEOS (Hodge Podge Essential Oils): a picture of wellness. I have been using these oils for years, and they have played a huge role in my wellness. Huge. So, stay tuned, or be warned lol, there will be more. :) If you have questions about how to get your hands on this stuff (at wholesale cost) email me at

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