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vintage simple birthday


My oldest asked for a vintage themed birthday. That I can do! I don't go all out on birthdays..I try to make them as simple as possible while still making my kiddos feel special. We have dinner and cake with family and friends. I usually make their cake (which, sometimes isn't simple for me), and I decorate the table. That's it! I always love the way tiny details make things special. Here's some shots of the details...
The cake lace is edible..and a big pain lol. I bought the mix and the silicone mold at Hobby Lobby. I think the key to simplicity would either be use non edible lace or have a large mold that you could make several lace pieces at a time. The plan was to have more lace, but simplicity took precedence here.
Filigree cupcake wrappers: Amazon
Gold embellished plates: Hobby Lobby
Paper flowers: Hobby Lobby
Everything else, including the lace and doilies was just something I had laying around the house and in the studio.
Grandma always seems to show up at birthday parties..we miss her dearly, but I'm happy to have any little reminders of her. The pink dish was hers <3

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