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morning light


So, my dear friend, Gwenny wanted a session. I asked her what she was going to wear (as this is usually one of the first questions I ask any client)..and her response is, "That white dress I bought when we went shopping". But it was November..and FALL..and, well, let's face it, white dress and fall leaves just aren't my pick. So, I said, let's add some wings..and water! lol It was going to be one of the first very cold days of the year, so we went through Miss Gwenny's closet (it's like a shopping center really ;) And this, is what we came up with. She is so beautiful, even at 6 the morning light. I shot this at Stockton Dam, and we had our dear Katie to help assist..we couldn't have done it without her..and Gwenny's feet might not have survived without her especially.

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